Paper in the Sky

  • Gameplay programmers : Aurélie Beauprez, Cécilia Lejeune and Thomas Demenat
  • Sound Designers : Nairod and P.M. Blind
  • 3D Models made by : Aurélie Beauprez and Simon Mulot

Paper in The Sky is an virtual reality experiment using the Leap Motion to control a paperplane in a beautiful low-poly world.

It has been developed in JavaScript with the Unity 3D game engine.

The models have been created with Cinema 4D.

OS : Windows, Mac et Linux

Git repository :

Unity 3D,Game


Maere – When Lights Die

Made with Aurélie Beauprez, Tom Duchêne et Thibaut Dumont.

Maere – When Lights Die is a virtual reality experiment using the Oculus Rift technology in order to scare the user.

It’s a First person Survival-horror game in which the user, being the subject of a dream-simulation experiment, is trapped in a nightmare.

Launched as a freeware on the Internet in April 2013, it encountered a great success thanks to many Youtube personalities (PewDiePie, Markiplier, Kigyar69, etc …) and has been downloaded more than 90,000 times.

It has been developed in JavaScript and C# with the Unity 3D game engine.

The models have been worked in 3D Studio Max.

OS : Windows, Mac et Linux

Website :

Articles :

Videos :

3DS Max,Unity 3D,Game



  • UI & Multithreading : Aurélie Beauprez
  • AI & Level : Thomas Demenat
  • Gameplay : Cécilia Lejeune

Pokewar is a Real time strategy game mixing the gameplay of a Tower Defense and Nanowars game.

Features :

  • Up to four players (1 player vs 3 IA)
  • Can buy, sell and upgrade towers
  • Simple AI acting as a normal player
  • Pathfinding system (for units and missiles)
  • UI with Swing
  • Map Editor
  • Based on a MVC Architecture

Repository :

More Screenshots :


Evolution et attaque

 Territory Maps




  • Engine programmer : Thomas Demenat
  • Gameplay programmer : Aurélie Beauprez
  • UI and Sound programmers : Laurianne Anthony & Hugo Gresse

Imacraft is a simplified copy of the famous indie game Minecraft.

It has been made in C++ with the OpenGL3, SDL, Libnoise and Fmod librairies.

Features :

  • Procedurally generated world with Perlin noise
  • The player can breakgand place blocks
  • Instanciated rendering (can render 129 600 cubes at 50 FPS)
  • Directionnal and Point lights with Shaders (Forward rendering)
  • Colliders and gravity
  • Skybox

OS : Linux

Repository :

OpenGL,C ++,GLSL,Game



Arkanopong is, as its name implies, a mix of Arkarnoid and Pong.

It has been made in C with OpenGL2 and SDL.

Features :

  • Play against an IA or a friend
  • Many Power-ups to spice the game !


22/08/2014 :

A new version of the game have been created with the Löve 2D game engine and can be downloaded here.

The Git repository is here.


More Screenshots :




Deadly Cute

Deadly Cute is my tutored project at the Institut Universitaire de Technologie in Velizy.It is a horizontal-scrolling plateform game, made with Adobe Flash.

More screenshots :

Deadly Cute 1

Deadly Cute 3

Flash / Actionscript 3,Game